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For the Love of Parrots - No Nerds Knobheads or Nitwitts

Facebook group

A friendly none judgmental Facebook group, where you will find lots of help and advice, or even if you want to hang out for a bit of fun with like minded people. We would love to welcome you!

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Seed Supplier

All our birds are fed on Tidy Mix, its fit for human consumption, We would highly recommend it. They have a large range of treats and diets, all with fast delivery and great service.

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Scarletts Parrot Essentials

Parrot related shop

When it comes to buying your bird accessories, Scarletts is a one stop shop for all your birds needs and requirements, and amazing service and fast delivery. You will find help and advice not only on toys, food, cages but also general bird keeping.

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Rosemead Aviaries

Aviary creation

Steve and Claire at Rosemead design and make custom built aviaries and cages to suit your requirements. All of my aviaries are made by them and i also have some cages. Super service, easy to assemble and amazing quality.

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Feel free to join our facebook community, we are a friendly group.

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